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Micro Molecule Oligopeptide (1 Box)

Micro Molecule Oligopeptide (1 Box)


Compound Small-Molecule Bioactive Oligopeptide

Ingredients: Soy Peptides powder, Oligopeptides powder of marine fish collagen, Wheat oligopeptides

Suggested Usage: 2-3 times each day. Mix 1 packet (5g) each time with 100-150l warm water and drink it. You may add different condiments such as vegetable juice, fruit juice or milk according to your own taste.
Product Type: Solid Beverage
Unsuitable for: Infants (less than 36 months)
Contain: 15 Sachets/Pack
Shelf Life: 24 Months.
Specification: 5g/Sachets (75g)
Food Production License.: SC13127172707530
Executive Standard No.: Q/BFDLS 0006J
Food Business License: JY11105010987523

Norland Products Is Approved By NAFDAC

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  • Lowers blood sugar level
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