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Anion Pantiliner

Anion Pantiliner


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(Specification: 30 Pieces per Pack)
Did you know that a woman will use an average of 15,000 pieces of sanitary napkins within 30 to 40 years in her entire lifetime? Using a trusted brand of sanitary napkins has to be paramount for every health-conscious modern woman.

Not only must the sanitary napkin/pantyliner provide comfort and safety but must also enhance every woman's health and lifestyle.....!

Every single napkin/pantyliner is embedded with "Negative ions" tape. All materials used in the making of the napkin are 100% safe and no chemicals are used. The materials used are raw and not recycled.

(2 customer reviews)
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2 reviews for Anion Pantiliner

  1. Mrs. Princess

    Thank you very much, I so appreciate

  2. Joyce

    Anion Pantiliner really saved me.

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Anion Pantiliners have four (4) layers:

The 1st layer- Ultra fine soft cotton surface for maximum comfort and absorbency;

The 2nd layer- A unique patented Anion strip which may help counteract bacteria and promote healthy menstruation;

The 3rd layer- is of super soft and absorbent cotton;

The 4th layer, a breathable bottom layer rapidly reduces moisture and heat.

The Anion strip in our pads can emit 6070 anions per cm when in contact with moisture or friction and releases ionized oxygen. This will effectively inhibit the survival of bacteria and viruses that may lead to vaginitis in 30-60 seconds. Vast amounts of anions and oxygen will penetrate into the body through the vagina and the vagina and uterus filled with plenty of oxygen.

Why would I need a Panty Liner?

  1. Energy/Pain
  2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  3. Cramping
  4. Perimenopause and Menopause
  5. Vaginal Discharge
  6. Urinary Incontinence
  7. Bladder Control and Pregnancy
  8. The Menstrual Cycle
  9. Perspiration and Odour
  10. Other Protection Concerns
  11. Energy / Pain
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