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Nourishing Health Shoe Insole

Nourishing Health Shoe Insole


Overall Benefits:

1) Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

2) Promote the regulation of the nervous system, improve sleep quality.

3) Prevention of hypertension: regulate the nervous and endocrine systems, then balance blood pressure.

4) Relieve arthritis: strengthen blood circulation, clear collaterals and activate blood circulation, have better physiotherapy effect to rheumatoid arthritis.

5) Activate the nerve end of the legs, connect the upper and lower nervous system, eliminate the numbness of legs and feet.

6) Improve hyperglycemia: regulate the endocrine system, promote the recovery of pancreatic islet cells, and control blood glucose.

7) Beauty: enhance skin metabolism and decompose body fat, make skin white and keep body slim.


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1 Pair size [40-46]  Essence of traditional, Chinese medicine – Unblock Meridians, Foot Spa Stimulate foot acupoints through the heat, unlock the whole body meridians, so as to protect body from diseases and, invigorating qi and removing blood stasis, enhancing vitality.


High-Tech Raw Materials:

1) Most advanced raw material

a. Magnetic chip that function as foot acupoint massage & promotes blood circulation
b. Infrared cloth that activates foot cells and promotes microcirculation
c. Inorganic phase change material that function as micro-air conditioner which can adjust the cold and heat for foot
d. Chinese herbal medicine technology that has the function of dehumidification and deodorization, recuperate viscera, relieve fatigue
e. Nano silver cloth: antibacterial disinfection, dispel athlete’s foot, prevent tinea pedis
f. High-grade breathable genuine cowhide, wear-resistant, squeeze-resistant and pressure-resistant, long-term use without damage

2) Construct energy magnetic field massage 3) Create high-quality Foot Spa experience – No deformation under twist and kneading, soft and comfortable; – Shock resistance, skid resistance, drop resistance, no crush, no sprain, no fatigue, no shaking; – Tender care for feet, relieve the pressure when walking; – Humanization design, free cutting according to the foot size; – You can use it at anytime, anywhere.


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  •  Improve Blood Circulation,
  • Relieve Tension & Stress,
  • Improve Heart & Brain Function





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