Minimize Your Sugar Intake As Large Amounts Can Harm Your Metabolic Health.

Norland Green Spirulina Capsules

Norland Green Spirulina Capsules


Benefits of Norland Green spirulina:

1. Help for weight loss
2. Improve gut health
3.Manage diabetes
4. Lower cholesterol
5. Prevent heart disease
6. Boost metabolism
7. Reduce allergy symptom
8. It removes toxins from the five major organs especially kidney and liver
9. Support mental health
10. Supplement nutrition

A nutritional supplements that has alkaline nature, it can convert weak acid into weak alkali so that body will becomes healthy,1g of spirulina is equal to 1kg of vegetables, absorption of spirulina in the body reach 95%,also rich in balanced structures of various nutrients. improve immunity, adjust blood sugar, maintain beauty & anti-aging regulate intestines & stomachs activities.

Type: Diabetic Supplements

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