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Detox Pro Pack

Detox Pro Pack


The first detoxification product to acquire the THERAPEUTIC GOODS APPROVAL from Australia Therapeutic goods Administration. The first and the only detoxification product to be jointly insured by People Insurance Company of China (PICC) and American Eagle Insurance Company, two of the world’s top 500 insurance companies.

The first detoxification product to detoxify all the internal organs with evidence of fecal color. Detox pro pack is made and designed according to the classic traditional medical formula “CLEAN AND ADJUST FORMULA” by a research team composed of global experts in nutrition, medicine and pharmaceutical with years of experience in research and analysis of body constitution and nutrition condition of modern people. Yes this Detox Pro Pack is for you and me and every Human Being.

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Key Features

Helps Turn Your Body Back into a Powerful Self-Healing Machine Dramatically improves the absorption of nutrition and medicine, enhances the body’s self-healing abilities, helps prevent major diseases, prolongs life span and fights against aging.

The Only Detox That Safely and Rapidly Skins Toxins Off Five Organs Focuses on the Chinese Five Basic Element Theory for “whole body” health by removing toxic scale from your kidneys, liver, lung, heart, spleen at once … without side effects compared to other detoxes.

100 Times More Effective than Other Detoxes Revolutionary quantum magnetization technology increases the efficacy of the herbal detox ingredients by more than 100 times.

Astounding, Visual Results in 24 Hours! Within 24 hours a variety of brightly-colored substances in the form of block or crystal toxic scale and granular toxic scale are excreted from your system. It’s like no other detox you have done – ever.

Works on the Origin of Disordered Cells Not Just the Symptoms Quantum micro-particles which are smaller than a nanometer enter the cells directly and resonate with the vibration of disordered cells, restoring them to a healthy vibration level.

Instant Results Even After taking it For the First Time Quantum Energy waves vibrate, deeply penetrating your cells, peeling off even well-aged toxins. Most herbal detoxes only remove some toxins.

Highly Measurable Results Typically, Triglyceride, Cholesterol, Blood Viscosity and Blood Uric Acid levels fall on day one.

Use for 2 days.

Its effectiveness continues in the body for over 90days.

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Norland Detox Pack

1 Set, 2 Sets


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The first detoxification product to cleanse, rejuvenate, energize, nourish, beautify and prevent at the same time. Anyone that has taken it will attest to this proof. The formula is the most comprehensive and effective classic detoxification formula inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

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